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Unity Web Player - 100DieSurvival

Unity Web Player - 100DieSurvival

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The above game should appear in your browser.  If not, choose the correct zip file below.  If you like this game at all you should download it - as the executable game has much better (and larger) graphics.

Goal of the game:
The goal for this game is fairly simple.  Try to obtain the highest score by 'not matching' the die counts of the principal roll.

Detailed Instructions:
After you press the start button you will see the dice cup.  Shake the dice and throw to establish your principal roll.  The number of 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's, & 6' rolled on your principal roll are displayed in the "Principal Roll" column of the score card.  On this roll please be patient as some dice may have escaped the container.  You will have to wait for those dice to stop rolling before the principal roll displays.  You will probably also notice that after all of the dice settle..  ..some of the dice float upwards 'toward heaven'..  ..these die came to rest cockeyed..  ..and therefore have been eliminated.

Now you will see a message "Throw again to start matching..."  So, grab the cup and throw the dice again.  This time when the dice settle a large amount of them (unfortunately) float on up to heaven.  These are the dice that have matched to dice thrown in your principal roll.  You will see exactly how many of each 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 were matched in the "Matches" column.  If you are good at math, you can also figure out how many of a certain number are needed before you end the game.  If you are not good at math, here's a hint: if you have the number 14 in the "Principal Roll" column for 6's and you have the number 13 in the "Matches" column - then you only need 1 more 6.  If you have the reached the same number of matches for a given die then you can make no more matches of that number.  Which is a good thing!  Because, what you really want to do is keep throwing and throwing and throwing without ever completing all of the matches..  ..and the only numbers that can help you do so..  ..are the numbers which have been fully matched..  ..get it?  I greyed this part out because some people (mainly from Georgia) were offended.

Then, continue throwing the die until all of the "Principal Roll" matches are made..  ..(a thing you are trying to avoid).  After which, all of the die return to the table in both fulfillment and mockery of Newton's Law of Gravity - think of it as a present..  ..and, not annoying..   ..please.

Now that I'm feeling kind of gregarious, here is the scoring formula: Turn * 2 * die count, for each die that comes to a legal stop (i.e. is not cockeyed) and is not matched.  I wasn't going to tell the formula but it was coaxed out of me by a gorgeous brown-eyed beauty.  And, don't think of it as unfair if you have only 1's left..   ..this is a game.

Why did we make this game?
I had never before seen a game where there were so many dice.  So, now there is...

One last thing
If you've decided to download the game below and have also decided to run it in 'full screen mode' then you will need to press <alt>-F4 to exit the game..  ..a good thing to remember..  ..otherwise, you may be angry with me.

Have fun!!!!

P.S. - Could someone please let me know if the file works on your mac..  ..I don't have a MAC to test it..  ..also, is there something better than zip that you guys use?

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