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Welcome to Shmear.com

Shmear is a card game known by many names (shmear, smear, pitch, setback, jick, & others).  In North America it is played in mainly in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ontario though it is popular in other places.  Shmear belongs to a category of card games known as 'all fours' [games in which only four points are available in a given hand].  Twoopy Entertainment has offered free online play of multiplayer Shmear on the internet since 1998.

We are now proud to present the latest version of our online game... ..featuring:

  • Free online play for all players
  • Private game areas
  • 6 Player games!
  • Chat bubbles!
  • More reliable internet play
  • Customizable characters
  • More realistic card play
  • Many customizable features
Shmear 4 Online

Online Multiplayer version of Shmear 4.

Our most recent version of Shmear where players can play against each other for FREE* each day! 

Click here to read more about Shmear 4.0 Online.

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*Free play is limited to 1/2 hour each day without a membership

Shmear 4 Home (Offline Play)

Shmear 4.0 Home

Shmear 4 is also available when you are not connected to the internet. 

  • Click here to find out more information about Shmear Home
  • Click here to download this 'play at home' version of Shmear 4
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