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Shmear 4 Online - Multiplayer version

Shmear Online is our latest online card game for Windows.  The games included are Shmear, Crazy Shmear, Pitch, Kitty Shmear, Jick Shmear, Partner Shmear, Partner Pitch, & Partner Jick. 


Screenshot of Shmear 4

 - The rules of play for our games can be found here 
 - Program help is found here
 - Help with program options is available here
 - Information about the variations we offer can be found here
   note: Pitch is also known as 'Setback'

Click here to Download (current version is 
To check your in Shmear4 version click "Help > About".

All Shmear 4 users can play for FREE* each day!  All you need to do is create a Username at this link. If you would like to have unlimited play time and access to the Member web site click here to become a member.

If you discover an error or would like to suggest a change please submit your comment here.

*Non-members are limited to 30 minutes of free play each day.

New Features!

Version 4.0 has the following new features

  • 4 or 6 player games
  • Private games
  • 4 different ways to play a card
    • keyboard [0-6]
    • click
    • double-click
    • drag-n-drop
  • Ability to re-arange cards in player's hand
  • Customizable game characters (eyes, hair, mouth, skin, & clothing)
  • Customizable sounds, visual options, & gameplay settings
  • Chat with cartoon chat bubbles
  • Customizable game speed
  • Improved scoring (winner gets extra points for opponent's sets)
  • Ability to send special commands (help, nugde, boot)
Download & Install

Click here to download and install Shmear 4.0 (Windows Vista, XP, 2007)

Instructions: Either save or run the link above.  After installing, it will create a shortcut on your Desktop and a link from your Start bar under the group "Twoopy Entertainment".  After you run the program you will see instructions for creating and using your Username and Password.  You can securely create a new Username here.

If you need further assistance after starting the program click here for help.

If you are a current player of Shmear 3 you will need to verify your eMail address to play Shmear 4. To request an eMail verification, log in to the Membership Services Page [here], scroll down to 'Self Help', and 'Sumbit' your eMail address in the Resend Confirmation eMail section.

By using our software you imply agreement to our license agreement.

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